Club back in full swing after holidays

The school holidays ended a few weeks ago and most of us have hit the ground running. It is a busy time, which makes it even more exciting to see so many swimmers and parents turning up to Friday club night!

We’re 3 weeks into resuming our Summer Swim Club Schedule – and definitely back in full swing!

Club night with Kickboard Racing

Last Friday had a slightly different item on the race menu: Kickboard racing for all – a choice between 25 or 100 metres … And following Super Starter Tony’s call, everyone got off to a flying (or should I say kicking) start …

  • Patrick clocked the fastest time in the 100 metre event (well done!), closely followed by Declan and Eryn steaming home not far behind.
  • In the 25 metre event we saw sterling effort put in by the younger Stingrays swimmers, where a few of the races would have been too close to call without the trusted stop-watches!

kickboard racing Stingrays bringing home 100m kickboard

Special welcome to our new members!

It is great to see bright new faces lining up for marshalling and on the blocks for Friday racing. We hope you will enjoy your club time, both in and out of the pool!

Swimming Carnival Season

Many of our swimmers have been busy preparing for and competing in their school swimming carnivals. Good Luck to all of you who are yet to swim, and Well Done to all of you who have competed. We’ve heard exciting reports of PBs and records being broken, fabulous racing, personal achievements and many swimmers making it through to the next stage of competing – brilliant effort!

Club Event this Friday

Club racing this Friday (20th) will conclude with Team Relays, which is bound to be an exciting event.

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